Release Notes: May

The iQualify product team pushes out new features, improvements and fixes several times per day.

We’re excited to introduce a new series that will keep you up to date called Release Notes.

Each month, Release Notes will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can see what’s new. Take a look at what we launched in May:

Assessment Grades

Now when your learners upload an assessment, facilitators can grade and return their work without leaving iQualify, plus attach other files to the grades. Grades can also be amended when necessary and exported from iQualify. Learners and facilitators are notified in real-time when new grades are made or new files uploaded. You can also connect this to your existing systems so that results are passed back in real time.

Improvements in iQualify Manage

A number of features within Manage have been improved and a few new ones added. You can now set default talk channels, add Read-Only users and connect to your existing analytics.

Copy cohort

To make adding learners to a newly created course quicker and simpler, we've added a Copy Cohort function within Manage. Select which learner group you want to bring over from a past course from the drop down menu and the learners will automatically be added to your new course.

This is handy for bring a core teaching team across multiple cohorts, or provide new courses to a set group. You can still connect iQualify to your existing systems to manage access and enrollment.

Archive courses in build

Keep your Build dashboard clean by archiving old courses. If you find need of them again, simply unarchive them from the recently added 'Archive' tab.

Activity Feedback

A facilitator is now able to provide personalised customised feedback on text activities submitted by their learners, in addition to the automatic feedback or model answers created by the authors of the course.