Guest Post Series Announced

Over the next few weeks, the iQualify blog will be hosting a series of guest posts called Fiona's App Challenge written by Fiona Fenton.

Fiona is Technology Solutions Advisor for the Education Design Services team at the Open Polytechnic, a partner of iQualify. She is interested in technology enhanced learning, and reviewing these through the lens of education and technology. Fiona has previously been involved in education and technology in secondary and higher education in the UK. She’s a qualified teacher with experience managing learning management systems.

Today Fiona has posted an explanation and introduction to the challenge, with the first task posted tomorrow. A new post will follow each Tuesday morning for the next few weeks. If you accept the challenge and would like to share your projects with us, email before each subsequent Monday and we'll post a selection of your ideas here each week.

We are excited to have the opportunity to host Fiona and her challenge here on the iQualify blog and hope you get something great out of it.

Try Fiona's App Challenge now