Fiona's App Challenge: App One - Explain Everything


Explain Everything is a screencasting and interactive whiteboard app rolled into one.

This app lets you, well, explain everything, through images, video, voice over, screen captures and hand drawing.

Screencasting tools let you record what's happening on your computer screen and interactive whiteboard tools allow you to draw on the screen, or import images and videos onto the screen to draw on, and then share with others.

If you have a difficult concept that you need to explain, or want to give detailed feedback on an assignment submission to a student, you can use this app to record your presentation. Your recording will include everything that happens on the screen, including your annotations and voice. You can create your own drawings and import images or videos, and then export these to share with others.

Take at look at these examples:

Guide to creating origami

Guidance on interpreting information on Wikipedia about impossible colour

To get a sense of what it can do, watch this 2:30 minute video.

Additionally, to see how you can insert your Explain Everything project into the iQualify learning platform, watch this 1:34 minute video.

Can Explain Everything replace or transform the learner experience?

Replacement: By using Explain Everything, you can create a more advanced 'how to' guide, for example how to use the social notes in iQualify, or how to interpret a sales and purchase agreement. Making use of the interactive whiteboard and screencasting tools makes this very effective, however it is a replacement for the PDF guide that you've used before.

Transformation: Providing feedback will help drive improvement in student attainment. You can import the student's assignment (as a PDF, Word document, etc.) into Explain Everything and work your way through using annotations, explanatory drawings and audio commentary. This transforms the feedback process.

Take a look at this example:

Now Challenge yourself
  • Download the Explain Everything app from either iTunes or Google Play. There are also Windows and iOS versions; check their website for details.
  • Include your name and what you plan to use this app for in your course, and a photo or video of the view from your desk (or something more creative).
  • Grab the link and email it to A selection of your ideas will be posted to the blog each week.