Fiona's App Challenge : App Two - Inklewriter

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inklewriter lets you create interactive stories with branching pathways, where the reader gets to choose the character's path and influence the outcome of the story.

For example, as a reader you choose whether Dr Frankenstein reanimates a man or a woman. Your choice will influence what happens next in Mary Shelley's classic tale, and will take you down new pathways and give you the chance to explore narrative options that Shelley herself may have considered. As the story writer, you'll use conditional logic to create a branching story line.

Take a look at this trailer for Dave Morris's interactive adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to give you an idea of what's possible:

(Download this interactive book from the App Store or Google Play.)

The inklewriter app works directly in your browser and allows you to create interactive stories.

To see how you can insert your Inklewriter project into the iQualify learning platform, watch this 1:31 minute video.

Can inklewriter amplify or transform the learner experience?

Amplification: The pharmacy assistant course covers giving advice on over-the-counter medicines, and when to refer to the pharmacist. Originally the scenarios were designed for print and written as a story, without the student being able to explore the different options and outcomes. Lauren Anderson has created an interactive story for a Pharmacy scenario, allowing pharmacy assistants to make choices about how to deal with the client, and see the story unfold based on the choices they make. Will they give the customer the correct advice, or kill them?!

Transformation: Instead of being limited to a group discussion activity exploring a scenario, students create interactive stories using conditional logic to alter the story depending on the choice the reader makes. Working through conditional logic and exploring each option leads to deeper understanding. They share these interactive stories with their peers through the group discussion activity and provide peer feedback.

To find out more about conditional logic, read this blog post about using it for the retelling of the introduction to The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Now challenge yourself
  • Create an inklewriter account
  • Start a new story
  • Write one section with two options
  • Follow the first option and write it. Use the arrow to rewind the story, then follow the second option and write this.
  • Select Share, copy and paste your story URL and email it to us at We'll publish a selection of submissions to this blog next week.
  • You can read an example that I created in 10 minutes.