Fiona's App Challenge: App Seven - thinglink

thinglink logo

thinglink lets you add text and links to your images and videos.

The text might be a question about the resource, with a link to further information. You can upload your own resources, or link to them on the web.

In this example the parts of a chainsaw are examined in detail and links to further reading given. Just click on the little yellow icons to access the embedded media.

Discovery used thinglink to create interactive diagrams for their Shark Week campaign. Use these diagrams to explore the features of a Wobbegong shark and find out how a Helicoprion hunted.

Alternatively you could give feedback to your students, as in this example of feedback given to first year photographic students.

You can use the app which is available from the iTunes app store and Google Play, or use the web browser version on your desktop or laptop.

To see how to insert a thinglink project into the iQualify learning platform, watch this 1 min 41 sec video.

Can thinglink amplify or transform the learner experience?

Amplification Use to illustrate a process or technology that would be hard to grasp from a written account alone, such as how the internal combustion engine works. Insert links and information into the thinglink to direct students to resources that will reinforce, enhance and extend their learning.

Transformation Photograph the assignment and then provide feedback by adding text to specific parts of the image. We saw this in the earlier example of feedback being given to first year photographic students. Take it further and have students produce peer feedback using this method, to share with their group or whole class.

Now challenge yourself
  • Download ThingLink for your mobile device, e.g. your iPad, tablet or smart phone. You can get the app from the iTunes app store or Google Play. Alternatively install it on your desktop.
  • Take a photo of something at work, for example your desk, or choose something more exciting.
  • Use the app to embed a YouTube video into your image and add some text. It doesn't matter if these are unrelated to the image, you're just trying out the features. You can upgrade your account to get more features.
  • Use the sharing options to email us a link to your thinglink at We'll publish a selection of submissions to this blog next week.