Fiona's Final App Challenge: App Eight - Tolks

Tolks logo

Tolks lets you create a conversation with talking heads.

Perhaps you have a scenario to outline. You could write this out as text or try re-imagining more visually as a conversation between two or more people.

Take a look at an example that I created for a Pharmacy scenario, where someone pops into a pharmacy to buy some Ibuprofen. The scenario sets out a conversation between pharmacy assistant, client and pharmacist. It could lead on to an exercise exploring the importance of asking the right questions when selling over-the-counter medicines.

Tolks works in your browser. Sign in using either your Facebook or Twitter account. There are categories on the homepage for recent and popular Tolks, and your creation may feature in one of these.

To see how you can insert your Tolks project into the iQualify learning platform, watch this 1min 7sec video.

Can Tolks replace or amplify the learner experience?

Replacement The pharmacy assistant course covers giving advice on over-the-counter medicines, and when to refer to the pharmacist. Originally the scenarios were designed for print and written as a story. Tolks could be used to illustrate the scenario and model the conversation between pharmacy technician and client. It works best when the conversation is restricted to no more than three characters.

Amplification Continuing on with the pharmacy example, as the student makes choices about what questions to ask the client, they are presented with different Tolks which model the conversation that results and explore the outcomes.

Now challenge yourself
  • Create a Tolks account
  • Start a new Tolk and give it a name
  • Add two characters. You can either use the ones provided, or upload your own. If using your own, these may be made available to the rest of the Tolk community
  • Write your dialogue
  • Select Save
  • Copy the URL for your Tolk from the address bar, and email it to us at We'll publish a selection of submissions to this blog next week.