Activity Containers

iQualify now comes with a better authoring experience. We’ve simplified how elements and activities are added in Build in a way that will encourage authors to create more dynamic, increasingly engaging material for learners. We think this will result in a more flexible authoring experience and enable the creation of more interactive content.

The new star of Build is our multitalented ‘+’ button, which you will find when authoring a unit in editing mode.

By clicking on it, a selection of elements will appear. Create a new element, add your content and remember to save your work. Another ‘+’ button will appear after your newly added element allowing you to continue building element by element.

You're also able to reorder your elements by clicking on the small up and down arrows on the right of the element containers when in editing mode.

This reordering feature makes it easier to organise content and authoring more convenient.

We’ve seen great results from these changes so far and think you’ll find them helpful. We'd love to hear your feedback!