Diagnostic Quizzes

Providing learners with feedback on progress can go a long way to motivating learners and building awareness of progress. We think that the sooner this takes place in a course, the better equipped learners are for the journey ahead. Diagnostic quizzes provide insights into knowledge levels, but do this in a more granular way than regular quizzes.

iQualify diagnostic quizzes allow learners and facilitators to gauge existing knowledge on different areas, or themes, at any one time during a course. This feature can be used to indicate a learner’s base knowledge before beginning a course or how to give feedback on progress throughout a course.

Diagnostic quizzes enable course authors to upload a bank of questions for a practice quiz and turn diagnostic features on. This involves creating quiz file with questions categorised within themes, taking advantage of optional hints and feedback prompts where appropriate. Authors can access an example file as a guide for creating diagnostic questions in Build, along with notes on how to optimise the diagnostic quiz experience for learners.