Activities create opportunities to engage learners and provide automated feedback to help them gauge how they are doing, enabling them to take a more active role in the learning process.

A while ago we added the ability for facilitators to optionally view and provide feedback on open text-based responses to activities in iQualify. We’re now extending responses to allow learners to upload images - and for facilitators to provide an image as feedback.

We’ve been listening and know that when it comes to offline activities (like hand drawn graphs or workings, group work artefacts and physical objects) it can be tricky to capture those online. With our latest enhancement to activities, learners can take photos or add images of offline work and compare them to the model answer in the automated feedback.

Submit text activities are now called “Open response” activities, and as with images in Talk channels, learners and facilitators can source images from a range of popular online services where their files might be held. Learners can also upload an image from a local folder, gallery or captured directly from a mobile device and uploaded as a response into these new activities.

We hope you’ll have fun exploring these new activity features. Let us know how you’re using them with your learners!