We’re really excited about some recent enhancements we’ve made to our digital badges and think you and your learners will be too.

Customise your badges

iQualify badges can now be customised. Simply upload a background image and badge icon and we’ll do the rest. Awarded badges will look like you and promote your brand when shared online. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to customise your badge design.

Get endorsements

Your learners can now ask people, such as colleagues or their employer, to endorse their badges. This makes sharing badges (on LinkedIn or an online CV) even more powerful for your learners.

Set an expiry date

You can now set how long a badge is valid for. This is perfect for those of you offering training that needs to be regularly re-certified or refreshed. We can also work with you to automate the renewal process, ensuring your staff or customers are always up-to-date with their training.

Check out our digital badges page for more information, or why not sign up for a free trial and try them out for yourself?

Attend our digital badges webinar

Join our General Manager Shanan Holm for our next webinar Digital badges – creating opportunities for you and your learners, where he’ll be talking about the power of digital badges and how they can benefit your business AND your learners. Register now.