We understand that one of the most important functions of an assessed course is the assessment component. And (not-coincidentally) one of the core features of iQualify courses is that the majority of assessments are built into the course. This allows learners to practice and be assessed as they work through the material.

We already have a range of question types available for your courses but are always looking to improve. So we have been working hard to provide you with increasingly diverse ways in which to test your learners.
The following quiz features are now available for all new iQualify courses.

Matching questions

Matching questions involve having a list of names or statements which must be correctly matched against another list of names or statements. Learners must get all matches correct to pass the question.

An example of this could be:

Match the following countries with their capital city.

List one: New Zealand, Australia, France, Austria

List two: Paris, Wellington, Vienna, Canberra

Multiple select

Multiple select questions allow learners to select preferences from list of choices.
The correct answer is a combination of the choices.

An example of this could be:

Below are four statements about Vienna. Select all that are correct:

  • Vienna is in Europe
  • Vienna is in Africa
  • Vienna is the capital of Austria
  • Vienna is a country