At iQualify we’re constantly looking to improve the user experience for our learners. To do this we monitor how learners are engaging with the platform and listen to feedback from our partners.

We know that interacting with other learners is key in helping your learners stay engaged with their studies. So, we have been watching the social features of iQualify closely to see what we can do to help encourage these interactions.
Over the last month we’ve been focused on improving the notifications in iQualify so that learners will be actively informed about new social posts in the Talk channels and alerted to any specific posts that are directed at them.

We’ve just released the first of these. The whole team is working hard on the rest and we expect to be able to release more soon.

We’re really excited about the features and can’t wait to see how they enhance your learner’s experience with iQualify.

New talk channels/new posts in talk channels

Your learners will now easily be able to see what’s new in the Talk channels. Any channel that is new or has new content will be shaded in grey allowing learners to identify all new discussions since they last logged in.

New replies to posts in Talk channels

Your learners will now be notified when a learner or facilitator replies to their post in a Talk channel. In addition they will be notified if another user posts in a channel that they have already commented in.
These notifications will appear by the bell icon in the top navigation.

New replies to social notes

Your learners will be notified when any user, learner or facilitator, comments on a social note in iQualify that they have posted on.

These notifications will also appear by the bell icon in the top navigation.