iQualify LMS is two years old. When we launched iQualify we set out to solve some of the massive issues we were seeing in successfully engaging learners in a digital setting in an environment focussed on outcomes and achievement. We’ve made some great progress over the last two years and learnt a whole lot on the way.

"With iQualify I can sit down and focus and do what I need to do."

Reflecting on the past two years, here are some of my thoughts about why we spend every day working on making iQualify more relevant to an increasing number of learners.

We’re doing this because it needs to be done.

Yes, we take ourselves very seriously. But wouldn’t you if you were make digital learning as effortless and engaging as possible? It’s quite a responsibility.

iQualify set out to enable all kinds of people to build digital learning experiences in a way that makes life easy for learners (who, lets face it, are very focussed on getting through, getting the tick, and moving on). Being learner-centred had to be more than a thing you do or a box you check: it had to form the starting point for decisions we made about iQualify every day.

"It’s good. It’s just good. You can tell that it’s designed for the students."

We apply this to the experiences you have with your digital learning, from when you come into iQualify to check your progress and continue your learning through to how you know there’s a mark waiting or a Pulse to answer. It impacts the way you take and submit your assessments or share your progress with parents or employers.

We’re doing this for the right reasons

If the world didn’t need iQualify, we wouldn’t have started it. If it didn’t still need us, we wouldn’t still be doing it. The other products that are out there to use for delivering digital learning just don’t cut it.

Along the way we’ve always had a secret hope that we’d make ourselves somehow irrelevant, that the rest of the market would cotton on, copy and catch up. But instead we find that learners continue to be delighted and surprised by iQualify because every other digital learning experience in the world seems focused on making shareholders, IT administrators and even teachers far more engaged than learners. What’s up with that?

"A fantastic interactive learning platform"

We’ll keep building and growing iQualify, meeting the needs of learners and picking up on refining the experience and delivering things that people want from us.

iQualify really is powered by learning

Being “powered by learning” - the ethos that drives our continuous measurement and improvement of iQualify - means that the core offering that we provide organisations and learners has grown over time to create a much more social and connected learning experience. We think that this is critical to delivering engaging digital learning experiences and leaves the initiative in the hands of learners.

Listening through the interactions people have with us, improving iQualify based on evidence, increasing the dependability and performance of the platform: these are all things we take seriously and work on making better ever day.

"everyone is just playing catch-up with each other rather than building their own story and setting their own agenda like iQualify"

iQualify costs money to use

The saying "if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product" has fallen in and out of favour over the last few years but here’s the thing: partners who use iQualify pay for their use. That provides ongoing support of the platform and continuous improvement. We don’t treat the data of our learners as a saleable asset - it’s something that’s gathered for two purposes: to help facilitators and organisations deliver a better experience for the learner, and to help iQualify deliver a better product to meet that need.

Last year we further invested in privacy and data ownership by enabling partners to choose from a number of global regions to store personally identifiable information in, allowing iQualify to contribute to the commitment you make to keeping learner data safe.

In the near future we will be releasing a free to use Community edition of iQualify and this will also meet a specific need - to help people who want to deliver genuinely open courses to learners. We won't be selling the data from our Community edition either.

We don’t have to solve everything

Since making iQualify’s Developer API available we’ve seen you make your learning environment do amazing tricks. Everything from automating enrolment and results through to fully adaptive learning pathways using serverless tools as simple as Azure Functions or Amazon Lambda. Keep those coming - we’ll be doing some case studies on your API innovations in the coming months.

We still have work to do

iQualify does a great job right now for a range of key digital learning interactions, but there are some cases where missing a feature or capability makes it hard to use for every situation. That’s why we’re busy working through the next set of features and improvements based on customer use and feedback, including supporting offline use through a Progressive Web App, making sure everyone gets a good experience regardless of device or bandwidth, enabling aggregated course and comment search, and enhanced external communications (including better email and Messenger integration).

We’ve loved the journey so far, and the overwhelming feedback we’ve had from our partners is that they have too. iQualify isn’t your typical LMS, but we’re proud of how it drives social and digital learning, how it enables flipping the classroom, how it enables learners to own the conversation about their journey.

We'd love your feedback. If there's something that you think is missing from iQualify that would make your learning, teaching or learning design better then let us know by completing our simple feedback form. We'll use your feedback here to help prioritise the journey ahead.