iQualify offers some great options for assessment, covering a slice of the landscape from diagnostic quizzes through to video evidence and written responses. With our latest update to assessment in iQualify you can now provide peer evaluation to enhance the feedback and marking experience in iQualify.

Peer evaluation engages learners in a way that few other activities can in a digital learning and assessment platform. By asking your learners to provide feedback to each other, you're asking them to exercise judgement, interpersonal skills and articulate their understanding of the domain you're working in.

By offering peer evaluation in your iQualify courses, you give learners the opportunity to reflect in a much more significant way by needing to reflect not only on their own experiences but to exchange feedback with others. This can be anything from providing a comment, indicating competence (or completeness), or setting a mark.

Let's take a look at how it works. First up, you can set your peer review teams up at a course offering level, assigning each learner a number of evaluators.

For any non-quiz assessment in a course, you now have the option to extended feedback and marking beyond the facilitator.

Once you've set that up and activated your course, every learner who is also an evaluator will get their own Feedback & Marking tab and submitted peer evaluation will connect to any services you've set up to receive assessment events.

There are a bunch of good resources out there on how to incorporate peer assessment into your delivery. We'd recommend that you talk it over with a group, try it out, and grow from there. Let us know how it goes, and as always you can ask for help on setting this up from within iQualify.