We’ve had a few organisations recently ask us how they can best support their facilitators in learning how to use iQualify to support their learners.

The best way for facilitators to understand how iQualify works and what it offers, is for them to have a play and experience iQualify for themselves. We suggest you create two offerings of the same course for your facilitators (and any other staff who may benefit) - one where they get to be a learner, and the other where they can experience being a facilitator. They can then work through the course content, complete activities, interact with each other, submit and then mark assessments and orient themselves with the marking interfaces. This will give them the confidence they need before engaging with actual learners.

We’re all about supporting your facilitators to create engaging learning experiences with their learners, so we have also created a bunch of help articles to support the facilitation of courses. These may be useful for your facilitators to check out before they login to iQualify or as a reference point if they have any questions whilst facilitating a course. These articles will be continuously updated and added to as we release more features.