How a Pasifika social change organisation used online learning to complement face to face training to increase Pacific cultural competency and community outreach.

The Cause Collective is a New Zealand charitable trust based in South Auckland. They work with Pacific and Māori community leaders, youth, schools, faith communities, government agencies, service providers and businesses to understand the causes of social problems experienced by mana whenua and the wider South Auckland community.

Helping those who help the community

In 2016 The Cause Collective secured funding from the government to build capability among social workers and health practitioners working with families to reduce family violence incidents in South Auckland. The funding enabled The Cause Collective’s initiative, Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu, to provide those on the ground with the skills they needed to provide culturally appropriate interventions to Pacific victims, perpetrators and their families.

Creating a blended solution to training

While face to face learning remained important to Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu, The Cause Collective were mindful that three days away from work is a big ask. By moving some of their learning online to iQualify, learners could study the theory in their own time before meeting for a one day face to face workshop.

This blended approach to training was supported by iQualify’s ability to deliver courses anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Pacific and non-Pacific social workers and health practitioners can complete their training more quickly, when it suits them, getting them back to supporting families faster.

An image from the online course in iQualify

Using iQualify

New to delivering content online, The Cause Collective employed a Programme Designer to redesign the content for online. The Programme Designer selected iQualify as their learning platform.

“I found it straightforward and easy to move our content online. The in app support was awesome and iQualify’s online Knowledgebase of resources made it very easy.”

The Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu Online Introductory Programme was officially launched in August 2022 and has been well received by organisations and learners. Learners find it easy to log in and to start their learning journey. They’re able to complete their course on whichever device(s) suit them with one learner saying:

“ makes it easy to do this course on your phone once the kids are in bed.”

Having the ability to be flexible with the course dates is something that The Cause Collective have found to be a great tool to help their learners to succeed, by being able to give them the extra time as needed.

Next steps

The Cause Collective are continuing to recruit social workers and health practitioners who work to reduce family harm, to complete the programme. iQualify is proud to support The Cause Collective in this endeavour as a community partner.

Want to know more?

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